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Company business

Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Satellite Systems", short reference - JSC "UkrSat" - is a multi-profile Ukrainian enterprise, operating in the area of development of information systems of different levels of complexity on a turn-key basis basing on modern information and telecommunication technologies and own production.

To date, system integration is universally recognized worldwide, most efficient and rational critical technology of development medium and large-size information systems. Technologically, system integration bases on the conception of open systems, use of world and de facto industrial standards. This insures complete interoperability of information systems, designed on different clean licensed soft and hardware components.

Solely this approach represents the cornerstone of UkrSat's technological policy, whose area of operation and the range of provided services invariably increase due to diversification of services, introduction of most recent information and telecommunication technologies, provision of specified soft and hardware systems, and also expansion of own production of equipment and development of software.

System integration, wide range of services in telecommunication area, rational use of different means of communication provide the consumer with system solutions, completely meeting his technological requirements and ensuring optimal output from the investments within minimal terms

Initially UkrSat was basically a satellite operator. JSC UkrSat based on the principle that both then and in the near future it was the satellite technologies, which would enable Ukraine to create telecommunication structures to cover large areas and to include them into the global telecommunication space within tight deadlines. All of the aforementioned gives UkrSat the possibility, basing on its own operator services and most highly technological equipment, the bulk of which is designed, manufactured and assembled and programmed in Ukraine, to create information networks of any complexity level on a turn-key basis.

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Copyright © UkrSat, 2009. All Rights Reserved.