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Leaderships  speech

Statement by Mr. Borys Nepomyaschy, Chairman of the Board of the "UkrSat" plc.

"UkrSat" - Development Strategy

Borys Nepomiashchy    The process of Ukraine's integration into the global community has now come to its final crucial political-economical stage. Our country has already overcome the information and technology isolation barrier. The creation of the global telecommunication and information systems, the overcoming of the language barriers, interconnection of network technologies - these are the real technical accomplishments that "UkrSat" is offering presently for the global market consumers, strengthening Ukraine's position among other global market members.
    "UkrSat" is a modern Ukrainian enterprise that without any foreign companies' investments managed to become the leader at the Ukrainian informational and telecommunication technologies market and, due to the high quality of the services provided, started operating at the global market. We are offering our resources, experience and achievements in the field to strengthen the position of the local companies, providing the informational support and faultless functioning of the large corporate information and telecommunication networks, providing a total set of services (project-planning, equipment supply, installation, technical support).
    Satellite Technologies introduced by "Ukrsat" are software design, corporate networks, communications, TV- and radio-broadcasting, Internet services, paging, trunking - all these services ensure the development of national information and telecommunication infrastructure and make Ukraine an acting pair member of the global economical market.
    Our constant improvements of the service quality, new technologies implementation, technical and intellectual resources development allow "UkrSat" to become a worthy competitor in the field of information and telecommunication and proudly represent Ukraine as a country of high technologies.

Chairman of the board
JSCo "Ukrsat"
Borys Nepomiashchy

The Speech of the first cosmonaut of Ukraine, honorable President of the joint-stock company "UkrSat" Leonid Kadenjuk

Dear countrymans!

Leonid Kadenyouk    As a fine picture a pattern from terraneous orbit.
    Boundless, mysterious, breathful power space and our, eternally juvenile blue planet
    In a mist of atmosphere float continents and seas, large rivers and cities.
    The person is too small, that it could be considered from a side of the spacecraft, but everywhere it is possible to see its acts. The person - other space, so mysterious and so boundless in the capabilities and realizations.
    The people XX of century collect to cross a threshold of new millenary of a space epopee and new century - century of the most potent information flows, which one determine development of countries and peoples.
    The space path of Mankind only starts, and on it already has stepped of our fine Rhodinum. I know and on myself I feel a potent gust of manufacturing forces of our people, their mind and creative contribution to the far Future.
    This Future cannot to itself be imagined without jumbo amounts of information, most potent computers and terrestrial networks, which one will reduce all spacing intervals, will concentrate stored for century of Knowledge and will open to Mankind a straight line a road to spaces.
    For this Future inspired ours work people, and what our life would not be high-gravity Today, they by a goal-seeking step rush in most modern information and telecomunications of technology and give the boundless capabilities, Rhodinum and all Mankind.
    It is impossible to be late! Therefore such strong pressure of their inspired activity.
    Only from Space it is possible at once to examine by a view half of Earth. Our aged kind friend - satellite familiar to us since October, 1957, gives us such capability. But the people live on the Earth. Therefore on the Earth they have established the most potent complexes and greedy occlude the information to transform it into knowledge and material assets of the next day.
    Large international companies and small farmer segments, students, the director factores and homemakers now not might live of day without TV, radio and the database, and web Internet Has allowed to arrange the most miscellaneous kinds of the information in electronic channels and has informed their people.
    In this direction our Ukrainian company "UkrSat" - " the Ukrainian satellite systems " also works.
    Its specialists maiden in country have received call of time and maiden in country have brought his fetuses to the people. Todat's day high-gravity for this company the same as for serving, collier or collective farmer, retiree or teacher. But in her the enthusiasts work, which one are interesting for working and which one are off-the shelf to devote the life to the Future the Rhodinums.

"UkrSat" - steps in the Future together with all Mankind.
"UkrSat" - for you, mine caieyee and for thee - mine of Rhodinum.
"UkrSat" is a limitlessness of capabilities. Our capabilities.

maiden astronaut of Ukraine
The honorary President "UkrSat"
Leonid Kadenyouk

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