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DirecWAY is high-rate delivery of information to any place of the country and abroad with IP protocol.

The same principles that determined the stunning growth of the Internet are applicable for the development of intranet (internal corporate IP networks). In simpler terms, intranet uses Internet technologies for creation of private multimedia corporate network of client-server type. However, until recently, one of the main problems for corporate intranet has been the carrying capacity - how to deliver high multimedia density Web-pages to the user at high rate. The "UkrSat" company was the first in Europe to introduce the advanced DirecWAY technology, developed by American electronic company Hughes Network Systems.

UkrSat's use of IP-Advantage network allows to considerably improve the quality of information transfer via satellite channels and increase the number of delivered services, while minimizing the Client's communication equipment requirements. Application of DirecWAY in systems with most up-to-date information technologies, which were impossible to use beyond LANs (videoconferencing, translation of corporate television signals and distant training in real timeframe) - is now appearing in national scope information systems, whose operator being UkrSat.

Motives for the use of DirecWAY:
- Data transmission rate of group stream sufficient to meet any requirements (up to 24 Mbps);
- Transmission rate to every one user at 2 Mbps (40 times faster than the best modem);
- Direct integration with existing and new VSAT networks;
- Instant transmission of all kinds of information with IP protocol, including multimedia (data, telephony, video...);
- Complete compatibility with existing and future corporate networks;
- Complete compatibility with the Internet;
- High technical and economical efficiency;
- Low cost and ability for wide spreading of services.

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Copyright © UkrSat, 2009. All Rights Reserved.