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Realized projects

1. Data and Service Telephony Network, based on PES-stations and IP-Advantage technology

The project started in the summer of 1998 - the following December the network was put in operation.

Data network PES-8000, SAR, Micom V/IP
    The transport satellite network is constructed on the basis of on-land satellite communication stations of PES 8000 kind. There have been installed 28 stations, covering Kyiv, 24 oblast centers (major administrative cities), the town of Irrpin, Boryspil and Sevastopol.
    The basis of the network construction are the satellite channels, which will be created in the following directions:
        - an outgoing channel - from the Control Center to 28 remote objects of the Customer, with the nominal carrying capacity of not less than 1 Mbps (with allowance for service traffic). The information transfer rate at simultaneous operation of all satellite communication stations and their identical intensity - not less than 28 kbps;
        - the entrance channels - from remote objects of the Customer to the Control Center are two entrance channels at 256 Kbps, with an overall carrying capacity of not less than 512 Kbps (with allowance for service traffic). The information transfer rate at simultaneous operation of all stations and identical intensity - not less than 14 kbps.
    Within UkrSat's Satellite Communication System Control Center, with the help of commutation and routing devices, the radio-relay and satellite channels are coupled to provide full physical integrity of the system.
    The Satellite Communication Network provides the operation of integrated data network on TCP/IP protocol with all the tools intrinsic to the given protocol (FTP, Telnet, WWW etc.).
    The established satellite network is constructed on the basis of equipment by the American corporation Hughes Network Systems. As a satellite segment the network uses one of the relays of the western beam of the Intelsat 604 satellite. This satellite is located on geostationary orbit with an angle of 60o of eastern longitude.7
    This Network operates with the use of three main technologies of data transfer, developed by the HNS corporation:
        - Satellite - ISBN;
        - Integrated network component LANAdvantage, which, in essence, is a superstructure above ISBN;
        - High-speed access technology of DirectPC Enterprise Edition (IP-Advantage).
    All remote stations are interconnected in one corporate network. On the basis of these technologies there have been constructed a large star-shaped network, geographically encompassing the whole territory of Ukraine with remote stations, communicating among themselves through the central HUB station via satellite channels.
    The ISBN System consists of three main components:
        - Circumferential Stations - geographically remote from each other, Personal Earth Stations (PES) ISBN, which process data. Regional LANs are connected to the corporate network through PES ports;
        - Central HUB Station - providing centralized control of circumferential stations. This Station is based in Kyiv in UkrSat's Control Center. All the traffic between the circumferential stations is channeled through HUB;
        - Satellite being a communication link, which passes through itself all network traffic.

Service voice circuit
    For service voice communication in the given satellite network there was realized transfer of voice through LAN - Voice Over IP (V/IP). The network is constructed on the basis of soft and hardware tolls manufactured by the Micom corporation - one of the world leaders specializing in this area. The hardware equipment comes in cards plugged in ISA slots on motherboards of computers. Each ISA card has two telephone ports, which can be configured with FXS, E&M Or FXO interface.
    One ISA card was installed in each remote office. Each office has two satellite voice channels. ISA cards can be installed on any Windows-based computer and having accesses to a satellite network. Two telephones have been hooked up directly to this computer. Also, these voice channels can be connected to the office telephone exchange.
    These voice channels will allow to make calls from any of remote offices to any other through its corporate network, where a Micom card has been installed. It should be mentioned, that these voice channels are designed for service voice communication. The Micom equipment will digitize voice to 8-12 kbps at the LAN level, incapsulate it in IP packets and transmit on through the network. The digitization guarantees quality and phrase intelligibility. But, it should be born in mind, that these information packets pass considerable distances (up to the satellite located above the Indian ocean and back), which involves delays in IP packets delivery by about 1 sec. Also temporary deboosting of IP packets transfer is probable caused by satellite channels load.
    Also, there has been realized possibility of entry into the Central Office telephone network as well as access into the Kyiv city's through the Central Automatic Telephone Exchange, which will be connected the to UkrSat's Telephone Exchange, located in the Satelite Communication System Control Center by a trunk.

2. Data network on the basis of technology PES HUB (ISBN)

The project started at the end of 1997 and in one month was handed in exploitation.

PES-6000 TPC
    In the given project was constructed Ukrainian TCP/IP a network from 25 satellite stations PES-6000 with established turboplates, having one Ethernet port.
    The central office of the Customer in Kiev is connected to control center by a satellite communications system of joint-stock company "UkrSat" on a radiomodem line.
        - Throughput capacity of an outgoing channel Outroute - 128 Kbps;
        - Throughput capacity of an entering channel Inroute - 128 Kbps;
    Main appendices - corporate E-Mail, service of a system of plastic cards, electronic payments.

3. Data network and service telephony on the basis technologies PES HUB (ISBN) X.25 PES-6000 VDPC

The acceptance tests under the given project are finished in the summer of 1998.

    Largest is constructed in Ukraine a satellite network X.25 from 228 stations PES-6000 with expansion cards VDPC, bolstering service voice communication.
    The central office of the Customer is connected with the help of a radio link on speed 4 Mbit/s with a capability of increase up to 16 Mbit/s.
        - Throughput capacity of an outgoing channel Outroute - 512 Kbps;
        - Throughput capacity of entering channels Inroutes - 5 x 128 Kbps;
    Is now made (without interruption communications) retrofit of a network, which one at the expense of transition on IP-Advantage will supply high-velocity data exchange.
    As the telephone equipment of PES-station will be used analogue telephone or faxes - vehicles with a two wire termination. The vehicle is hooked up through the standard phone connector such as RJ-11. The speech transmission is supported on PES with the help of plate VDPC. The plate VDPC takes one slot and supports one voice-grade channel. The speech is digitized on algorithms RELP and CELP, the transfer rate is programmed from the console of the operator of Center of control joint-stock company "UkrSat" and there can be 16 kbps or 5 kbps. The transfer of the voice data through a satellite goes by the way of packages. The system has the digital echo suppressor, that eliminates originating echo - effect frequently intrinsic to satellite communications systems. The signalling system descends till 2 wiring mated circuits. The transmission channels of speech provide both entering, and outgoing traffic with numbering on entering communication up to 12 digits. Besides the plate VDPC supports simultaneously with one voice channel up to 2 ports of data transfer with the interface RS-232. VDPC supports a tone multifrequency set; the group velocity of a transmission of information from plate makes 64 Kbps.
    The telephone equipment of Center of control joint-stock company "UkrSat" includes a cluster of control of phone connectionss (ÑÑÑ - Call Connection Cluster) and automatic telephone exchange Meridian.
    The cluster of control of phone connectionss serves for maintenance of the telephone signalling system and control of connections. Through clusters of voice ports ÑÑÑ is hooked up to automatic telephone exchange.
    The hooking up to automatic telephone exchange implements on 4 wiring joint E&M.. At hooking up to subscriber station of a two-wire telephone set detection of raising of a handset and the processing of dialling is provided with plate VDPC of station PES, and in voice plates of Center of control joint-stock company "UkrSat" the standard will automatically be converted in E&M.

4. Data network and service telephony on the basis technologies ISBN (PES HUB) PES-8000 TPC VDPC

Maiden corporate satellite network constructed by the specialists of joint-stock company "UkrSat" in the beginning of 1997.

    The network consists of five stations PES-8000 with expansion cards TPC and VDPC, permitting to supply hooking up of local area networks of remote separationes of the Customer through LAN ports, and also ensuring service satellite voice communication.
        - Throughput capacity of an outgoing channel Outroute - 128 Kbps;
        - Throughput capacity of an entering channel Inroute - 128 Kbps;
    The central office of the Customer in Kiev is connected on a radio link 4 Mbit/s with a capability of dilating up to 16 Mbit/s.

5. Campus (involving two buildings) LAN for 1200 user ports

The joint-stock company "UkrSat" is OEM the partner of the Israeli company RADLAN.

    On the basis of forward equipment, effecting which one is adjusted by joint-stock company "UkrSat", the local area network recognized RADLAN by the best project of 1998 is constructed.
    The built network has the following characteristics:
        - Quantity of ports - 1200;
        - Productivity of each separate device - 900000 pacts / sec;
        - Aggregate throughput capacity of each stack of routers - 4,5 millions packets per second;
        - Speed of a trunk connection - 800 Mbit/s;
        - the Low cost of hooking up of a user's workstation.
    High technologies used in a network, allow to supply:
        - High-velocity commutation of the third level;
        - the Distributed architecture;
        - Multilegal brighing;
        - Autodetection of speed of ports.
    The topology of a network represents BACKBONE, ensuring throughput capacity 800 Mbit between two buildings constructed on fibre lines and stacks Apollo PRO. The remote modules Apollo PRO, being commutators of an average level and ensuring commutation of the third level for levels of a building are hooked up to each of stacks. The workstations are hooked up in concentrators. For servers and potent workstations the allocation of switched ports 100 Mbit is stipulated.
    The main network minutes is the minutes IP, however, used equipment effectively works practically with all widespread network minutes, such as IPX/SPX, NetBIOS, DECNET and etc. Usage of such minutes of routing as OSPF provides fault tolerance of a main and fast finding of a stand-by path in case of mortality of one of connections.
    The capability of definition of virtual local area networks (VLVS) gives padding capabilities of optimization of network traffic and controls of the users. Each module Apollo PRO supports up to 2048 virtual networks.
    The controlss integrated with the software of network management HP Open View, allow to execute effective management by orders and decrees of network devices. The dynamic control of address space of a network will be realised with the help of the translator DHCP of the inquiries.
    The scalability of a network is provided with hooking up of padding remote modules (Remoute Slave), quantity which one can reach 26. Each of such modules has all properties of the secondary device of the stack Apollo PRO, that the productivity of a remote module enables usages of global routing tables of a main module of the stack increasing thereby.

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