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Satellite navigation (dispatchering) of movement of transport vehicles

The Global Positioning System (GPS) allows defining geographical co-ordinates of any moving object using the signals of navigation satellites with the receiving equipment currently used. Movement information of the mobile object via USW radio channel may be transmitted to the dispatchering center and be entered into the computer memory with the electronic map. The structure of a appropriate operation center is given on the below figure. On the electronic location map that is indicated on a computer monitor of the operation center, a moving point of the mobile object appears. The dispatchering system working for up to 100 transport vehicles is installed in the Chernobyl atomic power station recession zone by the order of "Complex" national organization.

Paging communication services (http://pager.ukrsat.com)

Company "UkrSat", using radio frequencies given by national institutions, does provide building and operation support of paging communication networks. Offering the services of paging communication at using an appropriate protocol in a network that is being operated, up to one million of subscribers can enjoy the services. Users of the network are offered with wide range of pager models. Created Paging Bureau at the company "UkrSat" Center of Satellite Communication System Operation permits corporate clients to have an opprtunity of personal callup organization throughout Ukraine where satellite communication media are installed. At the present time in several regions of Ukraine paging communication networks are already functioning, at the finishing stage are projects on paging networks building for a whole range of company "UkrSat" large corporate clients.

Trunking communication services

One of the kind of services provided by company "UkrSat" are services of trunking communication networks. Today this communication medium has found wide application at creating of an operation-dispatchering service for corporate clients. Working with definite users of the system, optimum technical solutions for trunking communication networks creation are being offered. Presence of the developed network of satellite telephony channels gives to company "UkrSat" corporate customers the ability to create an operation-dispatchering service throughout Ukraine. At the present time company "UkrSat" has put in operation several trunking communication networks for special purposes.

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Copyright © UkrSat, 2007. All Rights Reserved.